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Dr. John D. VanderKaay

Dr. John is a Texas Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Supervisor and Board Certified in both Professional Christian Counseling and Pastoral Counseling Dr. John has more than twenty eight years experience in ministry; Fifteen years in military chaplaincy, in both Active Duty and Reserves, including combat tour of duty in Iraq; Selected as Senior Protestant Chaplain twice as a Captain; Featured in several newspapers, US Air Force website and Department of Defense’s Real Warriors program for work in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Suicide Intervention. He holds a Masters of Arts in Theological Studies, a Masters of Divinity, specializing in Pastoral Counseling, and a Doctor of Ministry in Marriage and Family Counseling. John & Terri have been married 27+ years and have five children. Dr. John is available for both in-person and video conferencing appointments.

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Germanie James

Germanie James has 4 years of counseling experience, has a Masters degrees in Psychology and Science Education, and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate. She offers Christian counseling for those burdened with life's adversities and struggling in interpersonal relationships. Through a collaborative and solution-focused approach, she assists her clients in finding meaning and navigating life's complexities. Her standard rate is $100/45-50 minute session.

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Julie Forman

Julie Forman is a Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach and Mental Health Coach through The International Board of Christian Coaches. She specializes in creating safe and calm spaces for her clients to share whatever the world has thrown at them. She can meet her clients in all stages of their journey with acceptance. Her skills have been refined through education but gained through her own personal journey of trauma and healing. She thrives seeing women break free from shame and condemnation and believes that within each trauma survivor lies a warrior with a massive purpose. Julie offers individual and group trauma support sessions and would be honored to walk alongside you. When she’s not in the office, she can be found in nature breathing deeply, in a coffee shop journaling contentedly, or in her kitchen dancing badly with her husband and 4 kids. “There was once a time when I couldn’t see my own feet in front of me. The path too dark, the way forward too demanding, too steep, too…everything. Now, The Light has made all things new. My feet purposeful, my eyes clear, the steep ways conquerable. It’s not just a new chapter; it’s a whole new book.” Her standard rate is $45/45-50 minute session.

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